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Webinars on Creating Pollinator Habitat

This is a work in progress and thank you for your patience.   

Webinars that are available to view are highlighted and have an embedded link that will take you out of the Northeast Pollinator Website and to Vimeo, where the webinars are hosted.

 If you are not a customer and are finding these webinars useful, we hope you will consider making a Donation (not yet active, as really, haven't invested that much time yet)) to help us cover the cost and time of creating these.  Thank you!! 

Available Webinars:

 Webinars in Progress:

  • What Makes a Good Pollinator Habitat?
  • Analyzing Your Landscape for Pollinator Habitat Opportunities.
  • Pollinator Garden: How to Create and Maintain
  • Naturalizing Garden/Small Meadow: How to Create and Maintain.
  • Rain Pollinator Garden:  How to Create and Maintain.
  • Monarch Garden:  How to Create and Maintain.
  • Pollinator Habitats in Our Region: Links to places to visit with photos and addresses.

Feedback is ever so welcome!!  Other topics?

Thank you,
Jane Sorensen