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Spiraea tomentosa  (Steeplebush)  Shrubs are REALLY small when shipped.

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Spiraea tomentosa (Steeplebush) Shrubs are REALLY small when shipped.

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  • We ship only to the New England and New York states. If you live near Fairfax, VT, consider buying at our farm, River Berry Farm.

  • Shipping will be in the order received.  Please check the Home Page for updated expected ship date.  Free shipping for 15 or more plants.
  • Plants are delivered in a biodegradable wood fiber pot, 2.75" diameter by 3.5" deep.  
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Common Name:  Steeplebush

Attracts:  Bees and Butterflies

Use:  Shrub for Landscape, Garden, Rain Garden  (Our shrubs are sent as first year plants, so are REALLY quite small for shrubs but should grow just fine to their mature height.)

Light:  Full Sun

Hardiness Zone:  3 - 8  USDA Zone Map

Soils:  Medium to Wet

Flower Time:  August to September

Flower Color:  Pink to Rose Purple

Height:  2' - 4'

Notes:  Spiraea tomentosa (Steeplebush) is a mass forming, spreading native shrub that could be great to establish on some light-erosion-prone streamsides of ditches, offering nice fat pink flower spires late in the the season, attracting lots of pollinators.

Host plant of VT Bee Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN):
Andrena persimulata (Northern Dogwood Miner bee)
Bombus affinis (Rusty-Patched Bumble bee) presumed extinct!
Bombus citrinus (Lemon Cuckoo Bumble bee) 
Bombus pensylvanicus (American Bumble bee)
Bombus terricola (Yellow-Banded Bumble bee)
Bombus rufocinctus (Red-Belted Bumble bee)

Native and naturalized to Eastern and parts of Midwestern United States.  Biota of North America (BONAP) - North America Plant Atlas (NAPA).

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