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Welcome to Northeast Pollinator Plants

In my talks around the region, I have been stumped in how to answer the question, "where can we get those plants?".  We've been growing and selling native pollinator perennials for years on our farm, River Berry Farm, in northwest Vermont.   But honestly, we're not easily reached for most folks in the New England and New York states.  

After much deliberation I decided, well somebody needs to do this, so here you have it, an on-line source for native perennials carefully selected to be of special value to pollinators, particularly bees, our most important pollinators.  

Honestly, our hope is that local nurseries and garden centers will expand their offerings and education on the importance of native plants for pollinators and all wildlife so we don't need to resort to mail ordering of living plants!  Until then, we're happy to fill the niche.  Please spread the word and better yet, ask your local garden center to offer these plants!

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