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Create a Landscape That Supports Pollinators!

As we domesticate the landscape, it is up to US to create habitat in OUR landscapes.

Northeast Pollinator Plants is an on-line regional provider of native and naturalized perennials, and a few shrubs, that have been carefully selected to ensure each is of special value to native bees and bumblebees, our most important pollinators.  Please see our About Us page if you would like to visit us in person.  If you live near Fairfax, VT, consider shopping for your plants at our farm, River Berry Farm, and the plants are a little cheaper.

We ship within two weeks when ordering mid-June through September. For orders placed before mid-June, we begin shipping in early June.

  • Selling only to the New England and New York States.
  • Deliveries are mid June - September; orders taken January 1st - end of September.
  • Shipping free for any combination of 15 or more plants.
  • Pay on-line securely or email us if prefer to pay by check.

Plants are offered as individual plants and in garden collections for different sun and soil conditions and delivered in 2.75" diameter x 3.5" deep biodegradable pots.  A few ground cover type plants are also available as a tray of 58 plugs, 1.53" diameter x 2.38" deep.

Like any perennial garden, the most important step to success is prepping the area, especially minimizing the enrichment of the soil; these are wildflowers. Please read our page, Planting for Pollinators, for helpful guidelines in selecting your plants and creating a weed-free garden.

Plants for pollinators are rather specific and vary from region to region, due to a long co-evolutionary process.  For this reason we are committed to selling our plants only to the New England and New York states region.  All of our plant selections are hardy to at least zone 4.  If you are not sure of your hardiness zone, you can find it on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map.

Northeast Pollinator Plants is a source for the plants you need to attract and nurture our pollinators.  Please check our Pollinator Garden Collections and our Individual Plant offerings on the Catalog page.

Native Pollinators and Honeybees

American farmers and home gardeners have come to rely upon honeybees for pollination of their food crops, but these important European imports are suffering from many pest and disease issues.  Their decline has increased interest in the state of our native pollinators: bees, wasps, flies, beetles, butterflies, moths and some birds.  Of these, native bees are the most important.  More research is needed to update our understanding of the health of their populations, but we know they are suffering from the loss and fragmentation of habitat and the pervasive use of pesticides on both the home and agricultural landscape. This is where you can help, by creating habitat in your landscape.


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