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Clematis virginiana (Woodbine, Virgin's Bower)

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Clematis virginiana (Woodbine, Virgin's Bower)

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Common Name:  Woodbine or Virgin's Bower

Attracts:  Bees and Hummingbirds

Use:  Naturalizing

Light:  Full Sun to Shade

Hardiness Zone:  3 to 8  USDA Zone Map

Soils:  Medium to Wet

Flower Time:  August to October

Flower Color:  White

Height:  12' - 20' climbing vine

Notes:  Clematis virginiana (Woodbine) is a lovely and fairly common woodland vine that can spread somewhat aggressively amongst other present trees and shrubs, though rarely to the point of strangling, so not to worry, but to periodically keep in check.  The flowers produce a sweet odor and the seed head is a charming and distinct fluffy "beard".  Deer tend to leave this alone.  Caution:  The leaves are poisonous to humans.

Native to all of Eastern, Midwestern United State.  Biota of North American Program (BONAP) - North America Plant Atlas (NAPA).

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