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Packera aurea (Golden Groundsel), a great ground cover for pollinator gardens

Northeast Pollinator Plants

Ground Cover: Packera aurea (Golden Groundsel) available as singles or tray of plugs

$ 4.50
We ship only to the New England and New York states.  Orders are shipped mid-June through September.  We ship within two weeks of order or by mid-June for orders placed before shipping starts.  Shipping free for plug tray or any combination of 13+ plants.  Plants are available as single plants in biodegradable wood fiber pot, 2.75" diameter by 3.5" deep OR as a tray of 58 plugs, 1.53" diameter x 2.38" deep.   Please email if you prefer to order/pay by check than on-line, see Contact Us below.

Common Name:  Golden Groundsel

Attracts:  Bees

Use:  Excellent Tall Ground Cover for Pollinator Garden

Light:  Full Sun to Full Shade

Hardiness Zone:  3 to 8   USDA Zone Map

Soils:  Dry to Wet, Acidic

Flower Time:  April

Flower Color:  Yellow

Height:  .5'-2.5'

Notes:  Packera aurea is an excellent naturalizing ground cover for sunny to shady, moist to wet, pollinator gardens, providing early flowering and establishing into large colonies.

Native to the Eastern Midwestern and Southern US:  USDA Native Plants Map

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