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Monarda didyma (Beebalm)

Northeast Pollinator Plants

Monarda didyma (Beebalm)

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We ship only to the New England and New York states.  Orders are shipped mid-June through September.  We ship within two weeks of order or by mid-June for orders placed before shipping starts.  Shipping free for any combination of 13+ plants.  Plants are delivered in a biodegradable wood fiber pot, 2.75" diameter by 3.5" deep.  Please email if you prefer to order/pay by check than on-line, see Contact Us below.

Common Name:  Beebalm

Attracts:  Bees, Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Birds

Use:  Rain Garden, Naturalizing and Monarch Garden

Light:  Full Sun to Part Sun

Hardiness Zone:  4 to 9  USDA Zone Map

Soils:  Moist to Wet

Flower Time:  Mid-July to Late August

Flower Color:  Scarlet Red

Height:  2' - 4'

Notes:  Beebalm provides a great splash of red in the garden, special value to many pollinators.  Does spread aggressively, so put where you want a lot of it.

Introduced to Northeast, Eastern Mid-West and Pacific Northwest, native to Mid-Atlantic, US:  Go Botany North America Distribution Map

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